Towns County Fire & Rescue



Mitch Floyd, Fire Chief
443 Sunny Side Rd. P.O. Box 247
Hiawassee, GA
706-896-6990 - Office
706-896-4411 - Fax


Harold Copeland, Assistant Chief   bigh@windstream .net
156 Sims Circle
Hiawassee, GA 30546


Doug Mills, Division Chief
443 Sunny side Rd.
Hiawassee, GA 30546


 The Fire Rescue Department is composed of 50+ members who staff 6 fire stations housing 7 Engines, 1 Ladder, 1 Tanker/Pumper, 4 Tanker/Tenders, 4 Rescues, 1 Brush Unit, 1 Squad/Utility Unit, and 2 Marine Units.  The Department is an “all hazards” provider of services, and responds to over 1,200 calls per year in a 166 square mile mountain community.  Responsibility for hazardous material mitigation, structural and wild land fire fighting, water rescue and recovery, wild land search & rescue , vehicle extrication , as well as medical assistance to the County’s EMS Department are all with in the scope of services provided by the Department.


Three full time firefighters, augmented by part time staff ( including the Fire Chief), provide 8-5 coverage, five days a week at Fire Stations 1& 2. Coverage at the remaining stations is provided by on call staff (volunteers).


On call members are required to hold National Professional Firefighter 1 Certification  (NPQ1), as well as First Responder Medical Certification.  Over 50% of Department members hold NPQ2 Certification and many hold Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate (EMT-I) and Paramedic Certification. All certified members are required to maintain 60 hours of prescribed annual training.


The Department provides a wide range of public education programs including those targeting children in grades Pre-K through Grade 5. In addition, Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher training is provided to commercial businesses, home owners groups and other civic organizations.


TCFRD has recently been nationally recognized as one of 8 Fire Adapted Communities by Watershed Research and Training Center. This distinction has placed the Department in the spotlight to develop and train other departments in ways to market Wild Land/Urban Interface Fire Prevention Strategies. Towns County currently has 7 Certified Fire Wise Communities with 2 more currently in the certification process.


A Water Rescue Recovery Team (WRRT) consisting of certified divers and coxwins provides water rescue capabilities for Lake Chatugue, a pituresque TVA lake that winds it way through NE GA and Western North Carolina. Two Marine units provide response capabilities on the lake supplemented by a US Coast Guard Flotilla Unit.


Community support to the Department is provided by a dedicate group of civilians that form the Towns County Fire Coups ( under the umbrella of Homeland Security)  The Corps supports the Department with non-operation activities to include fire prevention and fire safety presentations, technical services support, grant writing assistance, and fund raising to name a few.


The Department holds an Insurance Services Office (ISO) Fire Suppression Rating of 5/9.

Resident benefit from the Class 5 rating if they are within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant and within 5 road miles from one of the 6 fire stations. Water service in the County is supplied by three service providers ensuring adequate water resources to over 700 + fire hydrants strategically located through out the County.


Fire Station Locations:


Station 1                                                                      Fire Station 2

156 Sims Circle                                                           110 Brasstown Creek Rd
Hiawassee, GA                                                           Young Harris, GA
Serving the City of Hiawassee                                   Serving the City of Young Harris & Young HarrisCollege


Fire Station 3                                                              Fire Station 4

569 Gander Gap Rd.                                                  6327 Hwy 76 E
Hiawassee, GA                                                           Hiawassee, GA
Serving Bald Mountain Park/Fodder Creek                 Serving Hightower Community


Fire Station 5                                                              Fire Station 6

1840 Underwood Rd.                                                 441 Sunnyside Rd.
Hiawassee, GA 30546                                                Hiawassee, GA
Serving High River                                                       Serving Sunnyside/Denton Straight